Frequently asked questions.

What is Theme Enhance?
Theme Enhance is a collection of Shopify content sections that are professionally designed and developed using Shopify Liquid. This means they can be installed into any theme with ease, it comes with Liquid, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No apps are required to install, please read our installation instructions for more details
Why utilize Theme Enhance in my Shopify store?
Shopify themes will come with a set number of sections that a merchant can use to merchandise their store. Theme Enhance provides a way for Shopify merchants to easily add new content sections to any page of their store. This self-service approach allows merchants to create unique and new looks without the need to engage a developer and designer. Just add as much or as little Theme Enhance as you would like
What is the difference between Theme Enhance and page builder apps on the Shopify App Store?
Theme Enhance does not require any apps or third parties to install or implement on your store. It utilizes Shopify Liquid and you edit and merchandise the content of your store from within the same Shopify theme editor you are already used to. You can add/hide/rearrange any Theme Enhance section on any page. This means that the code shares all the same styling that the rest of your site has.
How do you add Theme Enhance sections to pages outside the home page?
Theme Enhance is built with the latest version of the Shopify theme store, version 2. This allows for this functionality without a page builder or separate look and feel. There is no learning curve to upgrading your store with Theme Enhance, once you have installed it on your store, your creativity is the limit.
How do I merchandise my store with Theme Enhance?
With Theme Enhance, all customizations are from within the Shopify Theme editor that you are already used to. Theme Enhance allows stores to merchandise products with product specific custom sections. All from within the Shopify Theme Editor. No code required.
Does Theme Enhance interfere with existing store customizations or apps?
No, the Theme Enhance utilizes the same code that your theme is already running. Theme Enhance is designed to integrate fully with apps listed on the Shopify App Store.
How do I install Theme Enhance sections on my store?
Please see our installation guide. Sections can be installed in less than 5 minutes.

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