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Get help with Shopify Store Accessibility

If you are a merchant that is concerned with the accessibility of your Shopify store but is unsure of where to start, you have reached your starting point.

Shopify Accessibility Concerns

What are accessibility issues in Shopify?

Most merchants are unaware of the hidden liability and accessibility issues that many apps and 3rd parties introduce into their stores

Users are unable to navigate your store with accessibility devices

Use of third party apps for things like mega menus, mini carts, product images, product details & more present concerns when it comes to screen readers

Theme code has been modified in a way that does not match standards for users with assistive technologies

Examining the theme source code line-by-line to identify issues like bad links, alt tagging, or theme editor problems

Non-complaint / Unaccessible visual design

Most merchants are unaware of how things like baking text into images, font choices, color choices, incorrect color contrasts, etc can completely cut off users with accessibility devices

Apps that inject scripted content after page load

Size guides, fit guides, additional product details, product images require apps present accessibility issues when they are not written with Shopify Liquid

Rest easier

Solution: Shopify Store Accessibility Audit

Schedule your consultation today to start taking control of your accessibility concerns.

A technical deep dive on your entire Shopify store

A Senior Shopify Engineer will perform a line-by-line review of your store theme code for accessibility concerns

A technical review of your 3rd party vendors & apps for accessibility

We will identify areas of concern with the accessibility of your integrations - complete with an inventory and risk assessment for all third parties & apps

Design review of best practices for accessible design

Specific recommendations to aid your store in implementing accessible content strategies for users with accessibility devices

Accessibility Review Session

Session with your team to review the findings and walk through typical remediation steps. This includes deliverables that can be provided to your agency or developer

Access to Senior Shopify technical resources

Get a neutral third party Senior Shopify Engineer to review the changes or modifications for hidden accessibility issues. Access to ask questions and get support

End-to-end User Experience Testing

We perform a complete audit of the touch points users experience as they move through your store to identify accessibility concerns on digital touch points outside your Shopify store (email notifications, newsletters, etc.)

"It's incredible what we discover when we dig into merchants stores. They often have no idea about what the code is doing on their stores. We have even seen vendors install tracking software on their stores!"

Scott H.Sr. Audit Engineer, Lightly Digital

Schedule your accessibility audit today!

Rest easier knowing that you have gotten a handle on your liability

Lightly Digital: Shopify Accessibility Audit

Our professional and courteous team is standing by to help you get started today!

What We Will Chat About

  • Accessibility concerns on your store

  • How we identify Shopify accessibility concerns on your store

  • Technical review of Shopify theme code & apps

  • How to resolve Shopify accessibility concerns on your store

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Initial consultation is complementary. Lightly Digital, LLC. does not provide legal advice

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