How To: Add a custom Theme Enhance page to your store

Completion time: less than 5 minutes

Difficulty level: easy

Coding required: none

  1. Create a new page template to assign the new Theme Enhance sections to

    1. Prior to installing any page, ensure all required Theme Enhance sections are installed in your theme. For more on installing Theme Enhance sections

    2. Navigate to code editor in your Shopify admin:

      Screen cap of selecting code
    3. Add a new file for the Theme Enhance section. In the create a new template box, select the type of template, for our purposes we need to select page as the type. We also need to add the title of the page (i.e. `theme-enhance-z1z1`).

      Screen cap of selecting code
    4. Locate the page template code for the Theme Enhance page you would like to add to your store. Copy the code to your clipboard as seen below:

      Screen cap of selecting code
    5. Erase the entire contents of the newly created file. Ensure no code is left from the code created by Shopify.

      Screen cap of selecting code
    6. Paste the contents of the Theme Enhance section into the newly created section file (`theme-enhance-q1.liquid`).

      Screen cap of selecting code
    7. Click save. Exit the code editor

  2. Assign the new page to the new template

    1. Create a new page and assign it to the new template you created. In Shopify, each custom page needs its own template.

      Screen cap of selecting code
    2. Merchandise the page template in the Shopify theme editor. Note: we are editing the page template and not the page. In Shopify, page templates can be assigned to multiple pages. This can result in confusion if you edit the page directly and assign the page template to multiple pages.

      Screen cap of selecting code
    3. You can now view your changes on your store.

Issues viewing your page/page template?

If you are working on a preview theme and you are having issues viewing your page, please see: How Shopify page templates work

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