How To: Add a Theme Enhance section to your theme

Completion time: less than 5 minutes

Difficulty level: easy

Coding required: none

Theme Requirements: Theme 2.0 Required? yes. Learn how to upgrade your theme

  1. Add Theme Enhance global assets to your theme

    Note: this step only needs to be completed once per theme

    1. In the code editor for the theme you are working on, create a new snippet in the snippets folder called

    2. Click the button below to copy the file contents to your clipboard

    3. Paste the contents of your clipboard into the 'lightly-slideshow-assets.liquid' file that you created in the previous steps
    4. Save the 'lightly-slideshow-assets.liquid' file
    5. In your 'theme.liquid' file, in the opening <head> tag, paste the following line of code {% render 'lightly-slideshow-assets' %}. Ideally, place this right before the {{ content_for_header }} tag.
  2. Add the Theme Enhance section to your theme

    This step needs to be completed for each section that you need to use

    1. In your Shopify admin, on the theme you wish to add the Theme Enhance section to, navigate to the code editor

      Screen cap of selecting code
    2. In the Shopify code editor, add a new file in the Sections folder by clicking 'Add a new section'. In the add a new section dialog, type the name of the section you are installing (e.g. `theme-enhance-q1.liquid`) and press 'Create section'.

      Screen cap of selecting code

    3. In the newly created file from the previous step, erase the entire contents. Ensure no code is left from the code created by Shopify.

      Screen cap of selecting code
    4. Copy the source code for the Theme Enhance section you would like to install on your home page

      Screen cap of selecting code
    5. With the contents of the newly created file completely empty, paste the contents of the Theme Enhance section source code from step 1 into the newly created section file (`theme-enhance-q1.liquid`).

      Screen cap of selecting code
    6. Click save. Exit the code editor. You are now ready to start merchandising and using your Theme Enhance section.

NEXT STEPS - Merchandise and use Theme Enhance sections in various locations on your store:

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