Designed to provide a navigation point outside the traditional header navigation.

Light example



Dark example



How to install this section on your store's theme

Before you use a Theme Enhance section on your store, you must install it on your theme. Please see Theme Enhance section installation for installation instructions.

How to add this section to the homepage

Please see adding sections to homepage.

How to add this section to specific products (PDPs)

Please see adding sections to specific products.

How to add this section to Custom Pages

Please see adding sections to all products.

Section Options

  • Light / Dark theme
  • Background image - small & large devices
  • Background colors - up to three (3)
  • Background gradients - select from 5 gradient directions
  • Background color opacity
  • Section header
  • Horizontal & vertical padding - settings configurable per device on mobile, tablet, & desktop

Block Options

  • Background image
  • Theme content - each block can cater the theme content to background image
  • Header
  • Link label
  • Link destination

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